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(Ⅴ)Instruments and Meters Testing Equipment
  1、HRBT Type Electrical Specification Comprehensive Test-bed for Transformer  
      This Comprehensive Test-bed is specialized in taking on the project system engineering construction of the power transformer standard testing house. It is responsible for the upgrade and reconstruction of the technical equipment as a general contractor from planning programming, producing, installation and debugging to the service of training and turn-key.
This Comprehensive Test-bed is specialized in taking on the design and construction of the other kinds of electric installations.
It is used for the testing the distribution transformer before leaving factory as well as the overhauling and testing. It can be applied in measuring all data of the unloaded and loaded experiment. It is also can be used to measure the parameters of the transformer bank, voltage ratio and DC resistance. It has the functions of the synchronous sampling, digital presentation and latching. The power transformer tested belongs to the characteristic test-bed series of the 630-1600kVA capacity. It can meet the needs of different types and formats of the tested equipments. Also, it can design and manufacture the high capacity power transformer of test-bed with overall characteristics according to the needs of users. The package unit has a completed function and it is safe and easy to operate. The test-bed can be divided to two types which are the types of microcomputer and conventional.

★ Instruction of HRBT Type Electrical Specification Comprehensive Test-bed for Transformer
  2、HRBRTC Type Deformation of Power Transformer Winding Characteristic Tester  
      This type of instrument is adopted by introduction of foreign technology and the latest nondestructive examination equipment of the power transformer internal fault. It is used for confirming the degree of the deformation of transformer internal winding which is the important method of the preventative nondestructive examination. It applies to the power transformer of 6.3kV-500kV. The whole operating function will be pointed out in Chinese or simple English on the screen of the microcomputer. It is made up of a portable computer, a color printer and the main measurement system. The instrument can be divided into two types of testing methods by frequency response and short-circuit impedance.

Range of frequency point: 1-5 kHz 1-100 kHZ 1-500kH 500-1MHz (The special layout)
Precision: Wandering of frequency point Δfni≤2‰fni (The average value in the frequency domain)
Amplitude resolution: 0.001dB
Irregularity degree of the passband≤0.05dB ((The average value in the frequency domain)
Weight: 20kg
Experience accumulation: 200 main transformers

  3、HRBC Type On-Load Tapping Changing Switch of Transformer Tester  
      This type of tester is used to measure and analyze the electric property of the on-load tap-changer of power transformer. It can measure the parameters automatically. The parameters include the transient time, the transient waveform, the transition resistor, the characteristic of three phrases synchronous, the preferential of the angle of departure and the time of switching occurs. It also has the advantages of the large screen liquid crystal display and the power-off protection. It is equipped with RS232 microcomputer interface which is useful for the microcomputer analyzing and managing automatically of the testing results.

Range of the transient resistor measuring: 0-25Ω
Precision of measurement: 0-5Ω ±0.1, 5-15Ω ±0.4Ω
Frequency of sampling: 10-50 kHZ
Transient time of waveform measurement: 0.2-64000ms
Precision of measuring synchronization: 0.2ms

  4、HRBCD Type Special Intelligent Tester for Power Transformer Loss  

This type of test set is used for monitoring the actual qualities of the off the line and the ongoing power transformers. It can be the spot test for the unloaded and loaded loss characteristic of the transformers. At the same time, it can meet the measurements of the related parameters including the electric current, voltage and power loss of the three phases or single-phase power transformer.
★Instruction of HRKFR Comprehensive Analyzing Tester of Non-load, Lode and Capability for Transformer
★Instruction of HRDC/HRBCD Intelligent Tester of the Electric Losses Features for transformer


  5、HRCZB Type Power Transformer Switching Wave Test Generator  
     The device is 500kV with a capacity of 360MVA. All the varied power transformers for insulating and electrical strength checkout equipments have the advanced national level and have won the second prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress in Hubei province. This product is equipped with the package unit including the storage oscilloscope, the condenser divider and the injury resistance. It has the advantages of operational flexibility, low-need electric capacity, minute extension and light in weight. It has the on-the-job dependability and performance.

Input: AC200V(50Hz)
Output voltage: 0-100kV Peak value (Various kinds of specification)
Main capacitor :1.2-2.5μF
Efficiency: 50%-80%
Waveform: ≥100×200(90)×1000(0)μS
Flaw detection sensitivity: It can detect the flaw of the metal short circuit and the nonmetal insulation among the high and low tension coil.

  6、HRBZ Type Automatic Transformation Ratio Test Equipment  
      This type of equipment can be used to test the transformation ratio, the polarity, the bracket and the inaccuracy of the single-phase or three phase transformers.

The key technical indexes:
The measuring range of the transformation ratio: 1-10000
Bracket: 1-12 point
Accuracy of measurement: ±0.2%

  7、Series of HRSFQ Trebling Frequency Electric Power Source Generator  
      This type of generator is used for alternator induced over voltage withstand test of the pressure transformer, electric motor and the transformer in order to check up on the principal and subordinate insulating strength. It is also can be used for the 150Hz electrical source of short-time operations.

Input voltage: AC380V50Hz
Output voltage: 300V-500V (Be adjustable according to your needs 0-5kV)
Voltage>300V (Needs external lifting pressure equipment)
Wave distortion: <5%
Output capacity: 3kVA-150kVA

  8、Series of HRSGB Intelligent Digital High Pressure Gauge (FRC Digital Resistance-Capacitance Divider)  
   Standard Impulse, Line-Frequency, Direct-Current (Self-Correcting) Voltage Divider
    The digital high voltage meter is used for measuring the line-frequency high alternating and direct-currency voltage in the electrical power system and the manufacturing department of the electric installation and the electrical aid. The measurement parts and the displaying parts of the high pressure gauge are divided. It is safe and reliable by adopting the portable type. The measuring results have a high linearity.

Voltage classes: 50kV、100kV、200kV、300kV、400kV、500kV
Degree of accuracy: ±1.5%, ±1.0%, ±0.5% (The three types are the upgrades of the high voltage electrostatic voltmeter.)

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