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17、HRHLY Loop (Contacting) Resistance Tester  
   The gear is used to test the contact resistance and loop resistance of the switch controlling equipments, adopting the national standard GB763 direct current DC 100A(120A/150A). It has accurate testing, stable performance and the capability of continuously running with the self-prevention of disconnecting.

Test range: 1-1999μΩ, 1-19999μΩ
Test current: DC 100A,  DC 200A
Test accuracy: Level 0.5% , Level 1.0%
Resolution factor: 1μΩ

18、HRHEA Intelligent Calibrator for Transformer  
Main features:
(1) It combines the principle of the potential difference and advanced processing system; combines stability and intelligence; with high electric- pollution proof capacity, user-friendly, (the only finest ones all over the country)
(2) On-line measuring: it can be applied anywhere and then will show results
(3) Automatic judgment: however serious wrong operations are done; it will not cause damage of instruments and operators
Testing range automatically shifting switchover: according to levels of accuracy, it can automatically shift the testing range.

The key technical indexes:
(1) Measuring objects: PT CT YZ
(2) Instrument accuracy: level 1-2
(3) Measured instrument accuracy: level 10-0.01(can measure level-S current instrument transformer)

★HRH-H Full Automatic Testing and Rectifying System Instrument for Transformer (To get details via telephone)
Measured objects: PT. CT. Y. Z
Instrument accuracy level: 2-1
Measured instrument accuracy: S- level (10-0.01)

(1) HRKZX-5 special on-site control box
(2) HRHEF on-site transformer tester
(3) HRFY98 electric current and voltage load box
(4) On-site testing line for voltage transformer
(5) On-site secondary line for electric transformer
(6) Special testing line DCC for electric power
(7) HRHL-33 standard and accurate electric current transformer(level:0.05 , 5~2000A/5A )
(8) HRBSQ-5kVA/0~2000A upward current converter
(9) HRHJ-S-10G3(automatic current –rise) standard and accurate voltage transformer (level: 0.05, 10kV/100V)
(10) Electric power tray of movable cable (50m)
(11) High current ampere wires : 1000A:5mX2, 500A: 5mX1, 250A: 5mX1, 100A: 3mX3
(12) Tools and wheelbarrow
★HRVAT Type Automatic Testing Instrument of Volt-Ampere Characterristic for Transformer

19、HRDS Multifunctional Testing Instrument (On-site Testing Instrument for Kilowatt-Hour Meter)  
Main functions:
(1) measuring the single-phase, biphase and three -lines, three-phase and four–lines electric energy and power
(2) checking three-phase or single-phase turnplate and electric energy meter of electron impulse by photoelectricity or human hands
(3) indicating the pharos graph, and judging the 48 normal ways of the connecting of the three-phase and three- lines automatically
(4) measuring the checked voltage, electric current, phase angle, power factor, frequency and other electrical parameters
(5) can print the measuring results through the output printer
(6) can measuring the electric current of the return circuit by inside or outside forcipiform electric transformer
(7) can also check the three-phase indicating instrument and electric quantity transmitter

Main features
(1) using the non -power resource transformer with high stability every year
(2) big liquid crystal screen , Chinese characters guide menu ,interactive mode of dialogue between human and machine
(3) indicating the pharos graph directly
(4) small size, low weight, changeable vision ,because of the international standard of the designed chassis
(5) indicating the voltage, electric current and phase angle in each screen and active ,and reactive power at the same time
(6) having the ternary standardized electric energy, power, electric current, power factor, frequency instrument, and highest accurate level(0.1) in China, phase angle=0.1

Output features:
Voltage:400V 200V 100V
Electric current:20A 5A 1A It can be reset by yourself.

20、HRYJB General Secondary Voltage-Drop Automatic Detector  
Main features:
(1) Operate –easily: liquid crystal screen, the whole Chinese characters guide menu, four keys are involved
(2) Reliable: wired method of measuring ,principle of measuring difference ,electromagnetic interference proof
(3) Accurate: high-tech isolation of PT inside, automatic elimination of surge current
(4) Phase converted automatically: measuring the double-phase and three-lines ,three-phase and four-lines automatically, can also check single-phase by self
(5) Alarming automatically: checking phases and warning the wrong doing of connecting automatically to assure the safety of operators and instruments
(6) Calculating automatically; measuring and then indicating results automatically, and also calculating the composite errors and combined errors
(7) Storage function: can store 50 groups of the measuring results
(8) Iniquity function: can inquire any stored data
(9) Live measuring: can measure directly on the condition of uninterruptible power supply
(10) Online function: with communication gateway, can transfer the measuring results to the relative software
(11) High accuracy : can measure and memory the zero errors, correct the measured data automatically and delete system errors completely

The key technical indexes:
(1) Measuring range: comparative difference:0.0001~19.99% angle difference : 0.01~599
(2) Resolution factor: comparative difference: 0.0001% angle difference: 0.01
(3) Accuracy: level 0.01
(4) Measuring deference: 2%

21、HRZGF D.C High Voltage Generator
    Used for the preventive experiments for power organizations’ varied high voltage electric apparatus devices ,including experiments of D.C durability of voltage in cables ,current leak of the lightening arrestor and 1mA RV(reference voltage)

Rated operational voltage: 0~60kV、120kV、200kV、300kV、400kV、600kV、1000kV、1200kV、1500kV
Rated operational current: 2mA、3mA、5mA、10mA、20mA
Capacity: 120VA、240VA、400VA——20kVA
Measuring accuracy: ±1%
★The Technique File of HRZGF Type Portable AC High-Voltage Generator

22、HRHG23 Type Impulse Peak-Voltmeter
      HRHG23A Type Impulse Peak-Current Meter
   Used for measuring any once –impulse full waves whose first signal form’s length overpass 500ns ,also measuring and storing the numerical value of the impulse peak-voltage , peak-current and other once-impulse peaks. A circuit that protects a computer system from dangerously high voltage surges. The whole design is adopted with industry standards。
Input voltage: :≤±1600V
Input resistance :2MΩ//39PF
Measuring accuracy :1%
Time for rise:About 85ns
Work environment: 0~70℃,0~95%
Voltage ratio setting:0.1~9999.9
Range of display:0~16000KV
Connection: parallel input with two outlets
★Instruction of HR24 Type Industrial Frequency Peak-Voltmeter
23、HRHG(A) Complete Set of Impulse Voltage (Current) Generator for Testing Bed  
★ Digital impulse voltage (current)waveform recording system for measuring and analyzing
★ GIS oscillation operation wave and steep wave experimental instrument
★ Reform of the impulse voltage (current) generator instrument

There are whole sets of experimental instruments for impulse voltage (current) generators whose capacity vary from 100kv to 4800kv. We can also supply several whole sets of waveform impulse voltage (current) generator. They mainly consist of generator self, sheet cutting, voltage divider, four –modules console, and digital recording system of waveforms.

Sphere of application: impulse voltage experiments of standardized lightening, lightening abrupt waves, operation and users’ required non-standardized ones for transformers, reactors, instrument transformers and other HV electric appliances, HV thyristor gates SVC(HVDC)、cables of power, HV insulators, and linings

Sphere of application: power equipments suppliers, railway communications, Aerospace and Aerospace vehicles,science and research institutes of military industry, colleges and universities, and lighting-proof experiments of meteorology departments.

HRHGCS-2000A Uses the PLC- computer control and the survey (Photoelectric isolation optical transmission monitoring and control technologies) the system to be able to satisfy the user to attack all requests on IMP and so on power frequency, direct current and survey.

HRHG-SGSC-200kV~2000kV Lightning impulse voltage generator sets of automatic test equipment system installed
For the ultra-small portable compact structure, loop inductance and only a small amount of energy equipment is small with large carrying capacity.

HRHG-500kV~10000kV Lightning impulse voltage generator sets of automatic test equipment system installed
Heavy equipment for large-scale compact structure, loop inductance and only a small amount of energy equipment is small with large carrying capacity.

HRHGA Series of Experimental Instruments for the Impulse Current Generator
Arranged in Star-shaped and straight lines forming 6 standardized impulse waveforms

Rated current:5-200kA
Square wave current:2000A
Rated capability:50-240kJ
Rated voltage:0-120kV
Measuring console of automatic impulse experiment
  Controlling system of measuring automatic power frequency, DC and impulse
  Testing bed for 7200kV/960kJ impulse voltage
  Testing bed for 2400kV/120kJ impulse voltage
  HRHG-SGSC-100kV~1400kV Series sets of lightning impulse voltage generator, automatic test system devices
HRHG-SGSC-200kV~2000kV Lightning impulse voltage generator sets of automatic test equipment system installed
For the ultra-small portable compact structure, loop inductance and only a small amount of energy equipment is small with large carrying capacity.
  Automatic lightning impulse current generator device
  Automatic lightning impulse voltage generator device
  Automatic lightning impulse voltage generator device
  Fully automatic combination wave Lightning impulse generator device
  Automatic lightning impulse voltage generator device
  Automatic lightning impulse voltage generator device
24、 HRDC Intelligent Tester of Electric Parameter  
    The tester can measure the no-load of the transformer, and the active current (voltage) value, power factors of the short-circuit experiment at the same time with computer controlling, digital display, synchronous samples in avoid of many traditional shortages.

1. Converting automatically without connecting CT\PT outside
2. Short-circuit losses: the value of the resistance voltage converts to the one of the 75℃ situation
3. Be made up to comprehensive consoles for transformers with direct resistance instrument and voltage controller

Voltage : 0~600V(circuit voltage)
Working power resource:AC220V 50HZ

★Instruction of HRKFR Comprehensive Analyzing Tester of Non-load, Lode and Capability for Transformer
★Instruction of HRDC/HRBCD Intelligent Tester of the Electric Losses Features for transformer
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