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25、HRYBJ type Fast Zinc Oxide Tester of Lightning Arrester
30kV Lightning Arrester Tester
It tests the alternating leakage current or sustained current under the operating tension of various classes of voltage zinc oxide lightning arrester, and the frequency reference voltage under the frequency reference current.

Main features:
It can be used in live-line tests and laboratory power cut off tests.
It can display voltage/current waveform and harmonic number.
The inner memory makes it very convenient to check the historical data at any time.
The main technical indexes:
Test items: full current(0-20mA), resistive current(0-20mA), active power(0-8W), operating tension(kV).
Current test range:0-20mA
Voltage test range:0-400V

              HRYBS-30kV Lightning Arrester Teste
Functions, features:
It is used to test internal defects caused by the poor contact between the non-linear resistors of zero clearance metal arrester which is used by 10KV or under 10KV power system (replace the partial discharge detector within limits). It combines high-voltage DC power system, measurement system and control system together while it is of small size and light weight; it is very practical and can complete measurement of all the subjects at a time.

The main technical indexes:
Measuring range:
electric current: 0-1000μA,voltage:0-30kV
Precision degree:1%±1 word
Ripple coefficient:≤1.5%
Resolution:electric current: 1μA; voltage: 0.1kV
Input signal: voltage:1-400V electric current:0-10mA
Operational power supply:AC220V±10% 50Hz

26、HRZT Fast DC Resistance Tester  
    It is used for testing DC resistances of transformers, motors, instrument transformers and other equipments’ (the speed of the test is fast, the results can be showed and printed)
The main technical indexes:
Measurement accuracy:±0.2%

Model Electric current Range
HRZT-1A 1A 1μΩ-200kΩ
HRZT-2A 2A 1μΩ-200kΩ
HRZT-3/5A 3/5A 1μΩ-20kΩ
HRZT-10A 10A 1μΩ-2kΩ
HRZT-20A 20A 1μΩ-200Ω
HRZT-40/50A 40/50A 1μΩ-20Ω
HRZT-80A 80A 1μΩ-2Ω
27、HRIIJ Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester(Oil Tester), Gas Chromatographic Analyzer  

    They are divided into two types: automatic and full automatic, in keeping with 《Insulation oil automatic dielectric strength testing method 》. They are portable and of the latest designs; they fully overcome the shortcoming that the intergraded oil tester is easily obstructed by the puncture. Automatic operation enables the stirring, stewing time automatically set and so does the print times. The speed of voltage increase which is adjustable is about 2kV-3kV/S.They are suitable for power supply departments and petrochemical engineering departments. At the same time, this company also produces and provides intergraded oil tester which had already solved the shortcoming.
HRIIJ is the Automatic Oil Tester. HRIJJ is the full Automatic Oil Tester.
echnical parameter:
Output voltage:0~60kV,0~80kV,0~100kV
Measurement accuracy:1%
Input electric power:AC220V±10%

HRSP-9 Insulation Oil Gas Chromatographic Analyzer Technical parameter:  

1. Column compartment temperature:room temperature +15℃~350℃,controlling temperature range: ±0.1~0.2℃
2. Testing room temperature: room temperature+30℃~350℃, controlling temperature range: ±0.1~0.2℃
3. Conversion temperature:room temperature+30℃~350℃,controlling temperature range:±0.1℃
4. TCD sensitivity, minimum detectable concentration to H2: <5ppm
5. Detectable concentration: FID to C2H2 <0.1ppm;detectable concentration to CO、CO2: <2ppm。

Main features:
1. It is controlled by computer, with liquid crystal display, owing the function of keyboard settings and random memory function.
2. High-performance tester and methanator, their capabilities fully meet the needs of the measurement standards to the transformer oil gas components of the Electricity Department.
3. Adopting the second triage system, the speed of analysis is fast, and reproduction quality is very good.
4.The double hydrogen flame design can test the low-content hydrocarbon and high-content CO、CO2 separately, which avoid the mutual interference.
5. It uses new columns of filling material; adopt the double-strut process, which made the testing time of C2H2 beforehand, the sensitivity increased and the analysis cycle shortened.

Instrument introduction:
According to the standard published by the Electricity Department, and its preexistence--the HRSP-9 transformer oil analyzer, extensively absorbing the advantages home and abroad, the HRSP-98 transformer oil analyzer, which is designed creatively, is a multi-use gas chromatograph.
The instrument which has tester and reformer for thermal conductance and double hydrogen flame, adopting double- columns parallel current system, can analyze the soluble gases of the oil in one time
It’s mainly used to test the internal faults of the electric appliance of the oil-charging power system. It has multifunction, such as the analysis of sculpture hexafluoride impurities, smokes and gases of boiler, environmental monitoring, and gases of the petroleum, industries and mines.

28、HRJBC Potable Relay Protection Tester  
    With easy-operation and stable performance features, it has every normal tests for relays, and both alternating and direct current power adopt the newly power technology.
The key technical indexes:
Alternating current: 0-100A/10V (regulable) 0-20A/35V (regulable) 0-5A/8V (regulable)
Alternating voltage: 0-250V/4A (regulable)
DC current: 0-20A/25V (regulable)
DC voltage: 0-250V/4A (regulable)
Rated output DC voltage: 24V、48V、110V、220V
Millisecond counter time: 0-99.9999S
Resolution factor: 0.1ms
Power source:AC220V±10%
Weight: 30kg

29、HRWJC Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester  
Functions and features:
As the latest star of relay protection product with high-technology, multifunction, good performance, high automatic operation, it features in high reliability, high accuracy, big power, easily-using, adopts the DSP, WINDOWS flat roof system and double operation structure.
It can test automatically or manually every kind of relay protection instruments home and abroad, protect the process of the whole set of experiments, show the printed testing curves
Intelligent host computer: adopting high speed and good performance process of digital signals, it can calculate fast, transfer bandwidth, forms the relative sine wave for fundamental wave
Independence of operation: testing for relays and computer protection, also simulate varied complex faults of instantaneity, permanence and convertibility to do the whole set experiments
On-line with computer operation: storing testing data ,showing the vectorgraph, drawing trouble wave forms, printing reports on-lined
LCD display: clear display with full Chinese-characters menu for operating

Adopting advanced controller “revolving mouse” simplifies the structure of the operation

The key technical indexes:

 Virtual value of output current: 0~40A/400VA/phase
Three-parallel output current: :0~120A/1090VA Resolution factor:<1mA
Virtual value of output voltage: 0~120V/50VA/phase
DC Voltage: 0~±150V/70VA/phase
DC : 0~±30A
The precision of output DC Voltage: 0.2%
Resolution factor: <5mA
Frequency range: 0~1000Hz
Accuracy of time testing: <0.1ms
★HRWJC Protection Comprehensive Detector of Microcomputer Relay

★HRWJC-6 (6-phase of current, 6-phase of voltage)
computer system installed relay tester

30、HRCGB Frequency Differential Relay Tester  
Main functions and features:
With stable performance ,complete functions ,easily-operating and durability for aluminum alloy-made chassis, it can test the frequency relays and differential relays, make the antecedent test for electric appliances of using the distance-connecting method, it also can be used as single-phase shifter.

The key technical indexes:
Input power source: three phase and four lines
Output alternating current: 0~250V(regulable)
DC: 0~15A(regulable)
Output phase shifter: 0°~360°(regulable)
3.5 digits indicating equipments for current and voltage, accuracy range: ±0.5%
Digital phase indicating accuracy: ±1.0%
Weight: 30kg

31、HRYXQ Comprehensive Digital Three-phase Shifter
Main functions and features:
With high accuracy of phase-shifter regulation, accuracy of reading and regulable output voltage, it combines the phase-shifter technology of transformers and digital measuring technology, can meet the test for high accuracy single phase (and three-phase) alternating frequency. So it features in easy-operation, small size, low noise, and good output waveforms.
The key technical indexes:
Input power source: three-phase and four lines
Output voltage: 3×(0~380)/(0~220) 3.5 digits indicating accuracy: ±1.0%
Maximal output capacity: 3×330VA
Output current:0~20A
General three-phase regulation : 0°~360°
Refined three-phase regulation: -3°~18°,12°~33°(regulable), four digits indicating accuracy: ±1.0%
Voltage fluctuation: general regulation≤1.5% refined regulation≤2.0%
Weight: 25kg

32、Series of HRDXB、HRDXC、HRXJP Testing, Alarming and Analyzing Instruments of Electric Harmonic  
    It meets the whole requirements of GB/T1459~93 to test the virtual value, and positive ,reverse and zero sequence component of current and voltage
Measuring area: content of voltage harmonic, distortion factor of phase-angle and current voltage
Virtual value of current harmonics, distortion factor of phase-angle and total voltage harmonics
Range of measuring harmonics: fundamental wave -51times harmonics
Way of input signals: voltage, current, phase
Print: printed three-phase waveforms, statistic of the testing results, automatic printed three-phase results.

The key technical indexes:
1.Way and range of input signal
A.Three-phase voltage and three-phase current
B. voltage test range: 10-240V(or 20-400V)
C. current test range: 0.05-6A (or0.1-12A)
D. tracking range of fundamental harmonics frequency

2. Input impendence: voltage side≥200kΩ, current side≤20mΩ
3. Measuring accuracy: measuring error of fundamental: ≤0.5%
4. Measuring times of harmonics: 5-51
5. Statistical times:5~96 times are choiceable
6. Timing space of orientation in time:0~999 minutes are choiceable
7. setting range of continuous limited number:0~999
8. time of equipments’ power supply source:220V±15%;50Hz±5%;THDu±≤8.0%; 20VA

HRDXB Alarm Instrument

HRDXC/F Electricity Harmonic Measuring Instrument/ Analysis Meter
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